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Early childhood is a time for building a strong foundation for all later learning experiences. This stage of life is an essential time for children to be learning about themselves and the world around them. At The Children’s Garden, we strive to provide a safe, bright, nurturing environment that promotes a child's sense of security and well being, enabling them to enter later phases of learning with confidence.

Parent-Teacher Link
Central to our philosophy is our commitment to establishing a trusting relationship with each child's family based upon open communication and mutual respect. This provides for the child an important and secure link between home and school. With security, the child is able to explore and discover, meet challenges and experience success.

Early Success
We believe the experience of early success is intrinsically rewarding and self-promoting—leading to a sense of competence. Because every child is unique, we approach each at his or her developmental level so as to ensure challenging yet attainable goals. It is our hope to make these early years as happy as possible and to foster within each child a strong foundation and lifelong love of learning.

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