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The Children's Garden - Preschool and Child Care Center
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The Children's Garden provides a program that is based on a thematic approach to learning.

Each unit incorporates aspects of gross and fine motor activities, art, music, language, simple math and science concepts. These units are used so that an integrated exploration of the world around us can be offered at a developmentally appropriate level.


In the past some of our units have included: seasons, holidays, world cultures, the five senses, dinosaurs, space, fire safety, jungle, ocean, and Dr. Seuss.

Our programs also reinforce the development of communication skills, empathy, respect for self and others, responsibility, conflict resolution skills and cooperation.


A Typical Day


At The Children's Garden, each morning usually begins with a shape, color, or letter recognition activity that jumpstarts our day.


Children then come together for circle time where stories that support the current unit are read and discussed. Finger plays, games, weather, calendar, show and tell, music and movement all may occur during this time as well.

When we break from circle, we may engage children with an art project, cooking activity, nature walk or free choice, such as dress up, computer learning games, building blocks, etc.


A great time to highlight to the children the social skills necessary to eat lunch with friends around our classroom table.

After lunch:

Outdoor play on our playground occurs most days, weather permitting. During inclement weather, after-lunch play takes place in our lower-level playroom.


Field Trips and Special Events 

Several times a year we offer field trips such as apple and pumpkin picking, a visit to the fire station, an outing to the Soule Homestead and/or a fun-filled morning at Imagination Island.


The Children’s Garden community of parents and students gathers for special events such as our holiday concert and end-of-year program. Parents are also encouraged to chaperone and/or volunteer at our outings, parties and events.

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